An Inspector Called…

An inspector called to my home he other day, it reminded me as things often do of the JB Priestly play. Eva commits suicide by drinking strong disinfectant. When I was a young girl, a friend of mine’s mother drank a bottle of Domestos and did not live to tell the tale.

I have used bleach for many things, some prescribed and some proscribed but it seems to me a horrible, hopeless way to die. What depths did xxxx xxx plunge to see bleach as her escape from the pain in this world. 

Within our bodies, down at sub atomic particle level we sing,  when we can sing out loud to the tune of these particles, praise rises, praise surrounds us, moment by moment.

How many times does someone almost … stopped by an invisible pull. The interconnectedness of life causing a pause.

To be in tune with the moment, be in the right key.

We are all culpable in decisions of others, both good and bad. How we speak to a call centre rep might affect how they respond in a traffic incident that might ….

Each human being is uniquely created and we should work toward respecting the uniqueness.

I am so a square peg today in row full of circular holes, only the tension creates the harmony of the different threads.

My friend has visions, she has coal black eyes and an inquiring mind, she sees things that sometimes cannot be explained, my new-age friend puts her hope in the latest fad and yet another believes we are all gods. 

Random notions based on Toffee and her recurrent purring. No answers, more questions, more comment, more inspection of the moment…