no ordinary day

Ship groans in the sea as the storm rises, their nails cling to the wooden planks.. The whole ship strains to be let go of the torment of being tossed and turned at the whim of the waves and wind. It begs release in its moans, not wanting to stay together, but the skill of the shipwright ensures that the ship manages to survive this storm.

Morning breaks into a day of calm, the ripples on the ocean a mere wisp of the night’s memory. The air is so still there is no fragment left of the wind’s temper. Sun rises high in the sky and the deck and masts dry out. There is no sailing to be done today. 

Down in the bowels of the ship amongst the faeces and vomit lie people, treated like animals, destined for an unknown life of torture and pain. Their dead brought up the bucolic stairs and thrown into the quiescent water. Released from the strain of their earthly life during their storm of anguish.

This is no ordinary day though and at the end of a bloody battle between this ship’s company and another, the people are set free. They huddle together unsure of what to do. No master to whip them, no sailors to spit on them. They are free but it confuses them, for so long they have been enslaved that freedom does not taste as sweet as they imagined.

Ship creaked as the wind picked up a little, one of the people pushed themselves forward and took control. Mwilenko ordered people to different stations on the ship and through determination to stay alive got the ship moving. The charts in the captain’s quarters meant nothing to her so she waited till dark, till the stars shone brightly in a cloudless sky and worked out how to get, not home for that place was tainted by the blood of her people but to a new land she’d heard the sailors in the port talk of. A free land, where everyone was equal and there was no more slavery, it was in the east, Custos Messium a constellation from years gone by would guide them to the free land of Tsidkenu-Rohi.

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