renegade rainbows

If we consider iridescent colours in soap bubbles then we can control when and where we see rainbows. I have known since last summer that spraying water in the polytunnel created beautiful spectrums in the water droplets and I delighted in them. But a bit like the song

I saw two shooting stars last night
I wished on them but they were only satellites
Is it wrong to wish on space hardware
I wish, I wish, I wish you'd care

Likewise to create rainbows just to make one feel better, or lift the spirits, it is not wrong but reading stuff into it is wrong. The phenomenon I witnessed on Saturday evening a few weeks ago was beautiful possibly never to be repeated, a special occurrence.

Driving into Tralee I discovered that spectrums can be seen in the spray under a vehicle if the sun is at the right angle. This was immediately followed by a full rainbow against a dark grey sky. The downside to all this was I got wet!

Rainbows are created when the sun shines at a certain angle to rainwater droplets. God created rainbows, putting one in the sky as a reminder of the Noahic covenant. Sometimes just like walking along a beach and finding a stone shaped like a heart so we turn a corner in the pouring rain to be surprised by a rainbow.

Claiming a rainbow or a stone as a personal answer to a prayer or a sign of a listening Lord may be arrogant, because we as humans cannot think that big. However our thinking is small, it is provincial, it is personal. We cannot grasp the depth of what God can do. Even if we look at the hills and valleys, view the lakes, marvel at how the seasons change the habitat, we can never fathom how great God is.

So maybe, just maybe when you see a teeny rainbow on a small cloud at sunset with not a drop of rain in sight it is a sign from our mighty God. A personal sign just for you. Or maybe just a freak meteorological event for the whole world.