Prayer life

Lord, in your time
we are but a moment.
so this human moment of time that spend writing this prayer letter to you
is infinitesimally smaller in your time than the teensiest weeniest atom on the planet.
Our hours, our minutes, our seconds are meaningless in your time, tiny little fragments, a scrap of time 

And yet

we find it hard to find time, and the hardest time to find is with you, a quiet reflective time, doing no human jobs bar listening to your voice and conversing with you in our own language;

our prayer life is a vital component of our Christian walk and yet, it is often the most neglected. We come to church, we sing your praises, we might even listen and hear a few sentences in the sermon

and at prayer time – we are thinking about the shopping, did I leave the oven on, what’s for dinner, is it going to rain, will I take the dog for a walk, must study for that exam.

All this during corporate prayer.

In the quiet of our homes, in the silence of our quiet time if we really focus, if we really meditate on you, we hear you. Some people have a physical audible encounter, see visions, internally hear you, and sometimes we hear nothing …

but feel a sensation; a shiver, goosebumps, a hair standing up, subsiding pain, a collywobble…

and sometimes we hear and feel nothing but we smell – a long forgotten aroma that moves us …

or a taste comes in our mouth that takes us on a journey…

and sometimes it is none of the above we come away with a sense – of direction, of guidance, of purpose, a sense of sense. In the quiet time for the Lord we sense.

We often miss this opportunity of communing, of conversing with the Lord
He hears us, he listens, and he counsels us We are His! 

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