a psalm for such a time

O Lord God I dwell with thee and ye as well with me
I yearn for and long for more and more of you to be in my life – anew
oh to enter your courts
with a singing heart bursting out my chest
with a mind transformed
with body & soul contrite
I will shout, sing and dance only for you O Lord
Although I feel home-less I know I have a home with you forever.
And it is near – this dwelling with thee
the happy-clappy I thought I would feel is lacking
the excitement is non-existent
where some say NEW – let’s do a new thing
others guguzo “done that, move on”
But in those truly walking – what joy!
The strength for each step comes from you
let my worship and praise be intentional and true
let my life be a testament of alone – you
there have already been dark days
the days Baca and Mara – entwined like lovers
peace comes from knowing – one day
all this (puff) will be gone and
refreshment will fall from heaven once more – again and again
O LORD I ask you now
to shower this subject with grace
with favour, undeserved.
Be my shield, protect me
I would rather only have this one day with you than all the other days without you
I would rather be the scrubber of your steps
than live opulently away from your gates
O LORD you bring light and life
where there was none
where hope was just a fantasy
O LORD you are my hope and my joy
And that joy is forever – for those who trust in you.