I need an intervention.
I need surgery. 
There is something wrong, water cascades down my cheeks 
at the slightest thought.

Today it was a rainbow, a small, tucked 
between two sets of clouds, sweet spectrum of delight. 
Where I stood my little finger was bigger as I held it up to measure. It was there.

Today it wasn't just the rainbow. 
It was many things that I cannot write about. 
It was memories. 
It was present. 
It was future imperfect. 
Mother hen frustration as a fox slaughtered chicks.

I need surgery to remove the dampness from my cheeks, my neck, salt stained my t-shirt. 
My eyes feel ever so puffed, distorted by this reviled, ridiculous inability to stop the waterfall.

I need a divine intervention, transcendent surgery of a broken heart.

I could do with some verbal articulation too but… 
One thing at a time
Tears fall like rain