Omelette face

eggs crashing on the supermarket floor
face smashing into the bathroom door
Will it ever end?
toddler screaming for one more bar
girl shrieking – the loss of more hair
Will it ever end?
the shelves full of hopes and promises
the lies and deceit of joyful fists
Will it ever end?
fresh meat pertly pink in cellophane wrap
new bruises – spectrum exploded on facial map
Will it ever end?
row upon row of parting with money
line upon line of smarting agony
Will it ever end?
One day will I rise up
and say – enough, no more
Will I glide along shelves pouring rubbish in my trolley.
One day I will rise up
and say – enough, no more
Will I be punched and kicked and torn limb from limb.
The hushed tones behind the fluttering curtain
The eye tries to wake
The limbs try to move
The mind tries to grasp
as the green sheath cocoons
the broken body
the news reported an arson attack
on the giant of surpermarketing
a girl was in hospital, no other injuries
the man came, full  of charming patter
that did not pass the chaplain’s muster
in the middle of the night
Salesian Agnes took the girl
And wrapped her in blankets and quilts.
the arson attack caused little damage
setting fire to oneself causes different scars
to hide the ones made by prince charming
Agnes soothed the brow
She ladled soup
and the girl, me,  slowly walked… away

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