Bluebell {trapeze}

In Dublin I walked past a house
With five bluebells in the yard
Looking proudly out of place
In a mostly peculiar way.Three crows called out
From a tree by the river
And an elephant rode by
On a circus truck

I know a girl who ran
To the circus for a time
She learned the high wire
Trapeze and cream pies.She left to attend study
And sits quietly in class
Dreaming of not running away
To three rings of death defying feats.

Bluebells sway demurely
Like a girl balancing in the air
Delicate blue skimming in
The early morning sunlight

Girl sits in class modestly unassuming
Eyes that flash like sapphires
When interest is peaked
And fade to dull aching

When the lecturer snores his words
drowning the room
with waves of hibernation
The dreams of faded costume return.

She really is an oddity
The stunning long legged beauty
In a space of elder haggards
Exuding confidence aloft
In a mostly peculiar way.