muddy waters clearing

so much on my plate is finished, or over and now just two or three things remain.

the workload for Spring 2023 was a learning moment. What does Jesus want me to learn in this moment? To not work too hard, to take time to breathe, to take family time and all those other balancing things.

but i love it, i love being busy, i love running from pillar to post because it keeps the procrastination to an acceptable level.

now is the time to pause, the time to just gulp air like I have come up from the bottom of the ocean, lungs burning, throat ablaze and just breathe.

take in God given oxygen and refuel.

the internal horizon and the external horizon are merging for a few ping moments coming up.

  • Belfast next week
  • West Cork in a few weeks
  • Project completion
  • Family gathering
  • Packing

all will be well by July 8th 2023

and then it begins again

all is this each day i underpin in prayer.

i hand over it all to the Lord in prayer because it is too much for me. It is too much when I glimpse beyond the curtain to the bit i need to deal with, that i have left behind the curtain for over a year, that in the merging the interiority will finally have its say in how this situation will be handled.

i feel a growth period approaching… how do we know this?

How do i feel the growth creeping to me?

i am aware of the pruning in readiness.

words i never thought i would utter… “I might like to get rid of some books.” The pruning, the layering, the stuff

it is all ready

am i?

can i unpack it?

*** note for this week – the punctuation – is it killing you? i was reading Beckett – no excuses – what a mind!***

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