Day 20: Cherish Earth Companions

Go to place

I have a place
A special place
Where the earth
Kisses heaven
And heaven kisses

A thin place
Where all the saints
From days before
Clamour to encourage
That great crowd
Of witnesses speaking
Gentle life affirming words
To a girl who knew no one
And o one loved

I have a place
That I return to in
My waking dreams
To listen to those words
To hear the different
voices all saying the same
Thing – you are loved

I have a place that I returned to
After getting past my 21st year
Step father thought I’d be dead
But instead I returned with babe # 1
And the only husband I shall ever have
I returned with babes 2 & 3 as well
And I will return there again
When my bones are tired
And my husbands slippers are worn

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