Scratch beneath the surface 
terrible odours prevail,
perfumed patisserie cannot hide 
mould wreaking havoc below.

The itch you can't locate 
A spot just out of reach, 
the source of irritation 
never soothed by milky balm.

A  chemical? nuclear?  A some kind of attack 
the delicate veil is torn asunder
 1000 years of screams rise
on a tide of hate           

Above,  the air once cool, 
swarms of bloody clouds
we won’t see the sun shine 
winter hash settles home to roost.

you were warned not to scratch
the bubble bursting thing
spewing putrid waste endlessly
No more claps or happenings.

Turmoil reigns without a corona warning
floodgates of fear deluge with
uncertainty dread anxiety panic
opening deep and wide 

once more diluvian