great God

It is only when my past visits me that I truly, truly understand that I am completely and utterly remade, recycled, made into something new. I live in this new way of living but don’t absolutely realise it until past visits.

I have been witnessing a change in someone close to me based on what they see in me and have to say I am gobsmacked by it. There is an openness there  now, where before a closed mind.

They have seen the change in me not just on the outside but the completely new “normal” I have and they like it, nay, they love it. The intransigence in which they have sat for so long has been shook up because they have seen God working in me.

This is not a boastful statement, I am not boastful of me, but of what God does through me and where I thought he could not go, He has gone and begun the process of warming a cold heart.

I pray that I can continue to show the love of Christ in everything this person sees and hope and pray that one day the abyss becomes a fissure becomes a healed wound for them.

My God is amazing, steadfast and true and I trust and have faith that He can do all things. I had for long time thought it was too much, too hard, but that is dissin’ God and how great and awesome He is.