blighted year {s}


It is Wednesday so


November 28th 2012

My diary said “study day,” the plan was to get up early and study all day until the assignment was complete, I might as well have put a neon sign over the house saying, “please ring!” I managed to surface for 7am and got an hour of reading done before the kids arrived, making breakfast, falling out, how can tying a tie start a war of gargantuan proportions. Peace descended as soon as they left and I was just opening my book again when caller number one rang. Did I want any jobs doing? I looked around my dishevelled home, and so wanted to say yes to the guy. My wishlist extends from painting inside and out to a central heating system that works, but my income does not allow for such frivolities so I merely said, “no,” and put the phone down in its cradle.

I couldn’t settle, books, schmooks!

How desperate was that guy, that he was cold calling his neighbours and friends in the hope of picking up a few crumbs of work.

Caller number two was friend from West Cork and we just talked and talked, did we learn anything? Did we become closer to God? Did we become closer friends? I was surprised to see the time on the clock suggest that lunch should be ready for my husband.

Ten minutes later, mushroom soup and potato farls ready to be dished up.

Caller number three broke my heart. When did compassion leave our nation? I was so frustrated by not being able to make it all better for this man. The only comfort I took was that he was talking about the future as we left the conversation.

The kids clattered and banged back into the house, my home full of discordant notes again, a dinner to be made, homework to be helped, wisdom (?) imparted. Normality chatters as the sun sets on a frosty cold day.

Another day of supposed study, wasted? No, those people and I needed to converse, to be human is to have relationships, to grow wiser as we age, to learn from each other, to share with each other and just to be … human