{un} breaking broken


broken people can be thankful for the weirdest of things

for some people having feet that touch the ground as they walk is enough to be thankful for

it depends where your normal hangs its hat.

normal, that thing that when you know you aren’t and the situation you are in is not, you crave it

look at people passing you in the street with their perfect husbands, wives, children, parents

we look but we don’t really see

because we are broken

we don’t see the snide comment between spouses

we don’t see the glint in the eye

we don’t see the cowering child

we look and see what we want to see

we are so absorbed with the crises of our life, we see surface in others, we see what people want us to see

I have a friend who suffered horrific physical abuse as a child at the hands of her step father. She was always so open about her suffering. She survived. She speaks and teaches on child abuse. I heard her talk recently. She talked about wanting to be me, she wanted my parents, my life.

And I …

It all depends on your normal, where you hang your hat of normality.