Prince Edward Island and Egypt


I have never been to Canada or Prince Edward Island, Avonlea or Green Gables. I can imagine them because of the writing of L.M. Montgomery. I have been to only one place mentioned in the bible and yet I can imagine the places and the peoples because of the rich tapestry of the writings in the bible.

I was reminded of this earlier this week at a fellowship meeting, the pastor was giving an overview of the Old Testament, which I had heard three years previously so I kept half an ear on his talk and the the other ear listened to the speeches I read as I flitted from one book to another.

God speaks to Moses, not once or twice but regularly, in Numbers he tells Moses how to arrange the camp and how to pack up the camp down to the coverings for each object in the Tent. He called for a census for each tribe and set aside the Levites as priests.

When I first read this a few months ago, I was momentarily jealous of Moses, he got to listen to God’s voice and talk to him. I apologised and worked on it. I got to the position that of course Moses got to talk to God, he was the leader chosen by God, he needed to be given guidance on how to proceed and needed someone to talk to because of the stuff the people were getting up to as soon as Moses wasn’t looking. He had a hard job of course he deserved to to converse with God.

While the talk about the Old Testament was going on I popped into Numbers to reread this time of organisation and planning. As my mind was wandering, imagining the planning that went into a move from camp to journey. All the skins, the rope, the packing. I know people with caravans and they spend a week getting organised for a weekend away, so imagining this massive camp uprooting and moving. Wow, what a job, what an amazing job.

And in  the middle of my imaginings and the pastor’s talk I got it. We get to talk to God, we get to listen to God, we are in relationship with God, and all we have to do is still our minds and hearts to hear him and we can talk to him anytime.

I loved getting this insight, with each insight received I feel blessed to have such a wonderful Father and Friend.

Dear Lord, thank you for insights given, thank you for letting me settle with the knowledge gained from Numbers for a while before reminding me of your very great presence in my life. Lord I can’t imagine life without you, guiding me in my studies and in my life, protecting me in my relationships, loving me regardless of what situations I find myself in, teaching me directly and through the learned people around me.

Lord I would like to lift up the person going in for op on Tuesday, please be with the hospital staff as they perform this difficult operation, be with the person as they then begin the treatment afterward. Lord please look after L as she cares for the poxed children, let her rest. Lord I thank you for my healing, for the new creation you made, help me show you in the world. Amen