Real Equality


I am equal before God with any other human on this planet. There was something said somewhere (how vague is that!) today about winning and being on the winning team.

Well this is team human, we are all in the same race and we can all win, at the same time, the competitive element, because we humans do like to compete, is to get everyone in the race. Galatians 3:28 says we are all equal regardless of class, culture, gender or any other dividers. God loves us all equally. Equally we can all come to know Jesus, and we can all bask in the glow of that love.

From a sceptic to where I am now seemed like a long journey but the asking Jesus into my life and forgive me took me less time than it took to construct this sentence. My next goal is to meet an INTP so totally surrendered to the Lord that they can speak in tongues, or translate the tongues. I don’t think it is vital to my growth but it would be cool, if only once.

Some people assert that you aren’t fully committed if you can’t speak in tongues, I do not concur, not because I don’t/can’t/ haven’t tried but because I know strong mature fully living on the Lord Christians who do not speak in tongues either by choice or design. One person I know has such an important message for us to hear that it has to be said in the tongue that is understood by most. Vital messages of love come from this person and they are equal with everyone else.