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A long time ago (2012) I used a blogging site called Typepad to write my journal. Following on is a year in the life of me as I learned to be in church and around church people.

The Eve of a Year on the Journey

Dear Lord

As I prepare to share my walk with you for one year I ask you to be with me as I write as you are with me on the journey. Lord I thank you for the amazing changes you made in my life in 2011.

I thank you for placing one person in my life who pointed me in the right direction many years ago.

In 2009 you placed another person in my path who spoke truth I wasn’t willing to listen to yet, I thank you for that person because when I turned up on their doorstep asking for help they did not turn me away and again pointed me on.

I thank you for the person I used as the face of human judgement, on that human level they were shocked. I thank you that the unshockable was shocked because in that I could see what I needed to change.

I thank you for the healing person you brought into my life, without you and without them I could not be this new creation that you created.

You created in me a clean heart, where you reside. My heart was softened by you Lord and I thank you for this.

Lord you are wonderful, when I think of you and all you created. You are this awesome powerful God who made the universe and everything in it, and you want me too. Words have been a long time coming to my mouth, to my pen to describe how absolutely and tremendously gobsmackingly brilliant it makes me feel to be part of your family, to be adopted by you.

I am unworthy of the place you have provided for me in your family and I am eternally grateful for this. Lord, you are Lord.

Lord thank you for forgiving and forgetting, and Lord please be with me as I share our journey.


For seven months I have been working on how to voice this change, I know what you want me to do next, and so this is my preparatory stage. Lord I know I should just dive out the boat, and not just dip my toe in, the hesitancy is human, I know, because I have seen and been, party to your glory, that with your strength in me anything is possible.

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