for such a time as this – 139

Father in Heaven you know me well
You sifted and sieved through all of me
You are with me even in ablutions
and You see inside my mind, my soul
You spend time with me; not just watching –
observing my every move
But in communion as i listen to You.
Father in Heaven i am safe with You
as a Shepherd you protect >> hem me in
You have given me a task and … this is where i falter
i feel i cannot attain, i am unable, unworthy, unskilled.
i want to hide, i want to run and yet …
There is no running from You, no hiding place too far
Your hand of guidance is with me in all of this
As i contemplate where i was created – knit by you before i was born
i praise You in this knowledge
i worship You in spite of my situation
This situation in which You have placed me
Was it decided before i was born?
Your vastness: the wideness of mercy
the depth of grace, the height of love
Cannot be measured – O how precious is this thought!
If only You would take away anything difficult in my life
the people with the barb-ie comments
the onerous tasks ahead
in judgement i look at them
misusing Your name, wicked days, wicked ways.
search me though LORD
test me, take away from me
anything that causes offence to You
continue to lead me in Your ways – always.
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