Oh you do have legs.
 Oh you look nice today. 
Oh you scrub up well.
Those are the polite things that get said to me when I wear a skirt.
Each time something is said to me like that, I think of the scars covering my legs, most have faded with time.
Scars by me and scars done to me. 
But I know every single one, 
I know when they happened and how.
I think of the times my body has been scrubbed so the blood vessels on the surface have popped.
I am grateful it is not needed anymore.
I said something this week as innocent as the opening statements above but it took someone somewhere else and offence occurred.

We don't know what our words mean to someone else.
We use humour to deflect. 
We defend when there is nothing to defend.
It costs nothing to offend, it costs everything to apologise.
We should apologise more, before it's too late.
Hurt people hurt others.
I went for a walk and my legs hurt so much
I wrapped them in bandages and cried.
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