adventurous weather talking

You gotta have faith, the song tells us, but we really do gotta.

Faith is a gift from God but once given to us, what do we do with it? is it thrown at the bottom of the toybox after a few weeks? Is it taken out for an airing once a week on a Sunday?

Or do we live it and live by it?

Can others see your faith?

Can they see mine?

We gotta get past the weather talking to deep, honest, sharing. And yes it is uncomfortable and can be challenging. Measure every word because if it is not of God it is coming from somewhere else.

Loose talk cost lives, loose spiritual talk costs souls.

So some people aren’t ready to get past the weather, we pray for those people.

We as Christian people on this planet have a mission, to bring the hope that is Christ into every person’s hearing. That they can know the love of God, freely given, just like we know.

A friend said to me something that bigged me up in some respects but also put me in my place. I am the person living on the margins of normal society. So I talk to them. I talk too much?

One evening last week I returned to default, it was like pulling teeth getting a coherent sentence out. Even I was looking at me and wondering what was going to said next. That is not me, but neither am I just the carer of my son, neither am I just the person who got through various bouts of breathing in and out is too hard, neither am I just the person who should never have been born, neither am I just the fixer, the cope-er, the getting on with things.

I am none of these people now, I am empty, ready to be used. I cried yesterday for the longest time, again feelings of inadequacy filling me, again bucketloads of conversation with God. Why me? What use can I be? and then a phone call and another answer, yes. Yes I am not up for the task by myself. But that is not what is needed. What is needed is total surrender.

So I am, using adventurous faith every day, reaching out.

Just said yes again on the phone to something different, who knows where it will lead? God knows.