in two stories

Story 1

Muddie starts school today

Muddie is not happy

Muddie walks through the field

Tick tock tick tock

Muddie is scared

Muddie sniffs the Dandelion clock

It tickles

It tockles

A a a Atishoo

The Dandelion clock is no more

Muddie hears buzzing

Muddie is scared

Muddie trips over

And frightens the bees away

Brave Muddie bounds through the field

And gets to school

Story 2

“Muddie!” Mummy Honey shouted. “Time for cat’s lick lessons! Where are you?”

Muddie was hiding.

Muddie did not like washing his paws.

Muddie crept out of the barn.

Under the gate,

into the field.

His paws were getting dirty,

Muddie was having fun.

“Muddie!” Daddy Pepperpot shouted. “Time for mouse catching lessons! Where are you?”

Muddie was behind the tree

Muddie did not like catching mice

Muddie climbed up the tree

Trying to catch butterflies

He went up and up and up

Muddie was having fun

“Muddie!” Nana Tippy Toes shouted. “Time for cream drinking lessons! Where are you?”

Muddie tried to get down

Muddie was stuck

“Help! Help! Nana I’m stuck. Please help me!” Muddie shouted as loud as he could.

Mummy Honey, Daddy Pepperpot and Nana Tippy Toes rushed to find Muddie

“Oh Muddie! What are you doing up there?” They all exclaimed

“ I don’t like washing and hunting so I chased butterflies and got stuck, I’m sorry.”

“But you must learn how to wash and how to hunt, you are a cat.

Only then can you learn how to drink cream, Mummy Honey said

Daddy Pepperpot climbed up and brought Muddie down.

Nana Tippy Toes scolded Muddie.

Muddie learned that cats must wash and hunt and then

He could be the cat that got the cream