Kingly protection

It is Passion Sunday or Palm Sunday when we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey to the cries of “Hosanna!” or “Save us!”

With God in the room, the kids at Children’s Church will be exploring this passage this morning through:


  • reading the passage in the Bible in different translations
  • discussing what all the difficult words mean and making it simpler for the ‘smallies’ to understand
  • working out what it means for us


  • reading and discussing is fun for some but
  • we have paints and a huge banner to paint
  • we have cake – it’s a celebration and it is my last service in my home church for some time
  • we have balloons and a few games to play and there is chocolate (of course)

In the quiet of the dawn today before I went for my walk with the dog, I sat reflecting on the passage. The cloaks again jumped out at me, this crowd gave one of their most precious possessions for a donkey and colt to trample on. That night as they huddled under it in the cold, not quite getting the smell of donkey out of it, did they still have hearts beating aflutter at Jesus, their Messiah?

And it brought me to us, as Christians today, who have given up the world to be followers of Jesus. The crowd turned on him in a week, will we? If the tables in our temples were upturned, if we evaluated the true cost of following Jesus, would we turn on Him?

These people, the ones with the cloaks gave an expensive piece of themselves, but did they give their all? Are we willing to give our all, not just the clothes on our back, but each crevice of our mind and each dark corner of our heart to the King of kings and Lord of lords?

I’m just saying …