delight disappointed


Take delight in the LORD, 

   and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

Thursdays are my day for random conversations. Keith in the States feeds me a line or two first thing in the morning and I spend the next few hours applying what he has said. It is weird to have a connection that starts in Texas and then weaves around Sliabh Luachra and Ardfert. The next protagonist to appear is Audrey, I meet with her a little after eleven every Thursday without fail. Again she feeds me a few lines and I leave with these two paragraphs whirring in my head.

Although I know Keith and Audrey have never met and are not in conversation, the lines they feed me dovetail perfectly. They are polar opposite in faith and beliefs, in lifestyle and culture, in age and gender, yet when their words of wisdom are filtered through me, they join together seamlessly.

This Thursday, I had conversations around delighting and disappointing and the tensions these two words create. When we put our heads high enough above the water we may delight but we might also disappoint. We can delight some and disappoint others.

If we aim to delight the Lord, it is irrelevant if we disappoint others because we are focussing on him alone.