Ever had a blessed day? This was one Tuesday back in 2013

I have never experienced a Tuesday where every situation ended favourably. I sit now, a little uncomfortable as if something isn’t quite right because it went so well.

AIB – the k on his account is in place so free currency transactions and share dealings. He taught them a bit of disability awareness, he was great.

Credit union – no queue,

Community Welfare – I have to say they are absolutely brilliant dealing with him, so kind.

Post office – who said these people don’t care, all know him by name, fill out forms, sign his name, beautiful people

Ulster bank – so nice to me, even though they have no concept of my worldview, did not laugh, were just kind.

Brudair’s – Katya has managed to teach the older ones how to make a proper Americano, she has such patience, well impressed, she works under the most difficult of circumstances. He treated me to coffee, I buttered his scone.

Penney’s – totally forgot that children would be in there today, it looked like an obstacle course, daunted by skipping kids, thinking of him. Those kids, so kind, moved out of his way, didn’t stare like the church kids do. One wee boy started chatting to him, he’s so not used to that. Kristof at the checkout, so kind when I left my purse and bag at his station. He ran down the length of the shop to give them to me, so kind.

Heaton’s – a lovely shop assistant helped him decide on a case and was still being kind when he said he’d think about it.

Library – librarian helped me put books away for people and let me take two books for swops without swopping, kindness imbued.

What a day!

Thank you Lord for the most wonderful children, they love you in their different ways, You know that. They show Your love in their lives, in the kindness, they show and the results are seen in the way people treat them. Lord you gave me these children to nurture and grow, they belong to you first and me second. I have watched them grow into independent young men, thank you Lord for watching over them too.