where did all the happy people go?

Don’t you just love a moment of revelation? When something that wasn’t clear before comes into focus and usually comes out of the blue. An unexpected but welcome visitor. Some time ago one of our congregation was sticking up for me against some criticism. I tried to contain them because I was concerned that the criticism was well-founded.


Today I was hugged by people who don’t usually hug, I was kissed by people who don’t usually kiss and I was loved by people as family. My family has extended and I am loved.

I had been preaching on God’s lovingkindness and then received it via the congregation and was given this vision of family. As church when we do family well there is love in the air, in the songs we sing, in the prayers we pray in every aspect of our worship.

Loves infuses us, courses through our veins and then we share that love and more of God’s lovingkindness is seen, shown and felt. I feel so encouraged that we can all come from different places and situations with different personalities but can come together, unified by Christ and worship together, as family, as one big loving family.