Badal begins {temporary}

Many of the words around separation are related to marriage. Is this a coincidence? No, because it is relational. The opposite of separation is union along with married and attachment amongst others, again because it is about connection.

As Christians, we are first and foremost connected and in relationship with God. All other relationships spring from that, are developed and grown because of that first relationship with God. There is a movement in the relationship with God, a movement towards Him or moving away.

But in the bible kĕriythuwth is divorce (also garash) and separation is badal for the purposes of my understanding of separation as given to me today. Badal is nothing to do with marriage or relationship and synonyms for this word are about dividing and severing. This feels like the right definition.

This afternoon I began my trial badal with my home church. So I am temporarily severed from my church family. I have been preparing for this day for some time and had a trial run to this time last week. Then it felt strange and unappetising, today it feels right. It feels like the right thing to do.

There are many wonderful aspects to this walking forward:

  • Whilst I am gone, I know I am being held in prayer by my prayer posse.
  • This is a trial that hopefully if it is God’s will, will be permanent so it is good to test it out.
  • I can use the time I usually spend on church “stuff” on home and family as well as “adopted” church
  • Although it feels uncomfortable it does feel the right thing to be doing (which makes no sense)
  • My chewing gum hating sister gave me new clothes for this episode
  • Two sisters giving me words this morning, one for now and going forward and one for two weeks time specifically.
  • New friendships made already and barriers are broken down
  • An unintended sharing that I threw out as a challenge, if I am honest, but was met in understanding and love.

So already I am learning things, separation can be a good thing. I am looking to nature for inspiration and particularly spider plants and strawberry plants. But yes if you are reading this (and you know who you are) it is like severing the umbilical cord and I am still scared but very excited too, and in an arena where you cannot play this down or pass it off and will have to accept it – THANK YOU!