unintentional hiatus

January 15th

After setting myself the challenge of Wesley’s Sermons in his English I was then scuppered by technological issues. The second sermon I recorded four times and lost three of them. Over the past number of days, I have been trying to recover them, to no avail.

So last night I began again and the phone hopped, the dog barked, the kitties needed food. I was beset with difficulties but as is my wont I strode through and got to the other end, recording not one but two of his sermons.

Oh, how I love the richness of his thoughts, the pattern in which he lays out his sermons, the deep theological mindset behind the simple words that even one such as I can understand. Time travel is not an option, I shall have to wait until heaven to sit down for my ‘java with John’

And inspired by him, and reading Sangster I wrote my next sermon this morning. I knew that was going to happen. The sermon spoken on Sunday would not be acceptable in two weeks time. And at this point – if I get to a week on Saturday and get told “tell them something else” I will, I will write another. Because not only is it ‘all practice’ and as I write them, hopefully, the ability increases.

Yes, my confidence was at rock bottom towards the end of December but, socks pulled up, hat straightened, no thing// nothing is gonna stop me now!

Well there are things, but will just keep ploughing on till told to stop and would it be so bad 40 peeps x 7.5 hours once a week for life (Yes, but if I had to do it I would.)

Wake up you sleeper!!!