lengths of hair

I wish I could say I had a change of heart about growing my hair or letting the colour run out but my new short (again) hair is because we only have one hairdryer and it is needed at home next week when I am away. Now I could have rung the place and found out if they had one, I could have contacted the others and asked them for a loan. But no, in my mind the solution was to Britney my hair. Well, not quite Britters but well it is short and well blonde as well.

so with Smudge in England, I have a day off, a real one, nothing to do except sit in a salon and have someone run their comb through my hair. Lorelei must go to Pius tonight but I hope she gets the all-clear so we can walk again, but then I go away for a week and we will have to start again…

There’s a guy I am praying for this week, specifically. He knows the Lord and has been a follower of Jesus for many years but just now in the last couple of weeks he is trying something different, he is stepping out in a particular way that is not necessarily comfortable. Stepping out is hard, stepping out uncomfortably is impossible without the Lord doing most of the work. By the time he reads this, he will have accomplished or failed and I won’t be physically near to praise God with him but I will praise the Lord with him virtually. But just like his new mission I live with new hair.

Changing the length of hair is something that cannot be undone for a long time, walking with my beautiful dog will be easier with short hair, being away from home will be easier but am I called to EASY?