Humility is a difficult word, as soon as we talk about ourselves being humble, there is the chance of pride in the being humble. Well, that’s if you listen to the current chat.

However, if you look at it from the publican’s or John the Baptist’s views – these are not centred on self. The publican didn’t beat his chest to make himself feel better and John did not wear camel hair as an individualistic fashion statement as some church leaders do. No, they were the way they were because God was central to their lives.


Have God at the centre of our life.

How would that feel? With the focus not on us but on the Lord Almighty, contemplating on what He would do, How he would be in a situation, what words would he use to comfort and challenge, if he were the witness who would he witness to.

How would it be to let go of self and cleave to the Living God?

How would it be to let go of self so much that God’s love is accepted by us and we love as He loved/s us?

How would it be to have God at the centre of our universe?

No more “poor me” “rich me” “marginalised me” “mainstream me”

Just God directing us by His Spirit, guiding us, teaching us, convicting us…

How would that be?

What is our intention in this life? What is our purpose? What does God want us to do and be?

O Lord

Help us live quiet lives, contemplating You in all Your majesty and all Your mercy and graceful love, help us live such lives that we are invisible and people see only You and help us, Lord, to fix our eye on You alone,