Dear Friend

Dear Friend,
Thank you for your totally subjective encouragement this week. I felt totes loved up by your love for me. You are a good and true friend but as always I must be pointy with you.

You know me well and love me well. It’s truly appreciated, please don’t get me wrong but I have to tell you something.
It doesn’t matter. The world does not revolve around me, and life is far too short to be bitter about the outcome. Whether I messed up or not does not matter. Whether it was fair or unfair does not matter. I was relieved to get the result I did because it forces me to look at me critically, to see where I am not fulfilling criteria and to put a plan in place to fulfil those issues.

The result may be the same, the process is rigorous and vigorous for a reason.
I believe wholeheartedly in the process and I am happy with the decision. I know we have texted extensively this week and I was not making much headway so a little perspective ( for both of us):
Stuff happens, people get sick, we don’t get that job, our child dies, jobs are lost, houses repossessed, drug dealers flourish whilst humble people suffer. Stuff happens.

But imagine going through our stuff, mine and yours without Christ. There isn’t enough money in the world can fill that God-shaped hole in our heart. There isn’t a house that is so fabulous that it is better than meeting Jesus on a street corner as a needle gets sunk into an arm. There is no relationship on this planet worth losing the relationship we have with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Good men and women sat and voted. In casting their vote my life did not change, and this is good news. I spoke to a friend yesterday who going through a similar process last year is struggling so much this year in his college. The strains of family life were undermining his strength to carry on. Dear, dear friend, you now my home situation, you know I would tear down the motorway at the slightest pull from Smudge in Limerick and then travel back up to be ready for devotions the next morning. You know that Rossosity would only have to bump his head again for me to wobble about commitment. Not mentioning the K one sniffing around Gman.
Two weeks before I got loved up by the village community and the Millstreet bunch. Sliabh Luachra and Duhallow are where it is at for me for now. I have work to do, I have rest to do, I have a life to live to the fullest in Christ and for Christ.

Dear, dear friend,
I love you so much, I would love to offer you an opportunity to live like this. You have partially accepted the invitation and are living in prevenient grace, you gotta jump in the fire, my friend. You have to let go of the past the good, the bad and the downright ugly, you can do this, He will be with you through it all. And friend I gotta tell you on the other side of the fire is true living. If you are open to it, God can change you completely, you just gotta choose.
I love you always and I will see you on Sunday,
Many blessings,
Your friend and sister in Christ,