Love {arrived}

 The thing is ...
No that won’t work
Joe, Joey, my beautiful man
God says I’m pregnant
O Lord give me the words
I get it, the whole angel thing
I really do -but Joseph
Lord, he’s a chippy, not a theologian
How is he going to understand?
Mary, my Mary my sweet angel girl
She is still sweet
The angel dude he visited me too
Explained it all so even I could take it in.
We are having a baby... Whoo-hoo.
two thousand years of literal and liberal,
of conservative and radical
some believe the incarnation
and there are some that doubt
just as some scoff at creation
and here’s their deal – the argument they say
Mary lied to cover an indiscretion
How could the Messiah be born
In such a lowly way
To a peasant girl in Bethlehem
Me – I’m all in, believe the whole thing
Creation, Fall, Rebelling, Redeeming
And the best bit, as in any story
In the last few paragraphs ...
Of a city, a hill and no more sorrow.