Day 16: Pay Attention

mmm strange things

at 6.38 I turned off my alarm and was on the street within 5 minutes. It was dark, very little traffic but there were 7 runners that I hadn’t seen at this time before. A guy in hi vis shorts and vest, a guy head to toe matching pale blue, an older guy walking with a hat – a proper hat not a cap or cowboy hat – a hat you would need to go to a gentlemen outfitters to purchase. It was warmer this morning 7 degrees Celsius maybe this was a 2023 resolution run. I will change my alarm to 6:15 then the streets will be clear of the humans. There is a collared dove who would like to be fed along with 3 rooks who are circling a house along the way, the sky is grey /white now at 8:27 probably showers to be expected. Must change out of my crocs to proper shoes or chilblains will come again.
My work for the day is done bar one thing I am putting off and all the visits and Bible studies – office work is done!

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