Day 4: Bless Your Body

Blessing of my body

Forehead: Oh Lord help me to get my thoughts in straight lines so I can write my assignments this month and Lord if you would be so kind give me some insight for the teaching on Sunday.
Ears: Lord as I travel to meet M today may you give me words of what to bring to the meeting – I will be paying attention.
Eyes: Lord as I keep my eyes on the road give me that inner eye knowledge to keep me safe from my own road use and others.
Mouth: O Lord as I go about making first impressions that are less than the person you want me to be, help me be quiet, hold my tongue, send me back to the teaching of James over and over,
Nose: As I travel into the place were the olafactory organ of my body asks me to leave, the stench being high, I thank you Lord that you send me to such places and how quickly you allow my nose to attune and forget. 
Hands: Lord you know I am not a tactile person but Lord if touch is needed give me the mercy and grace to throw away my inhibition for your glory

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