On Saturday I spent the whole day studying until prompted by HS (rainbow) and my small group to get up and out into the fresh air. The purpose of the day in the study was to clear the decks of work then I could spend Bank Holiday Monday studying without work distracting me.

Yesterday I got a day’s work done and no study.

Today I moved some things around to give myself time to study. And lo and behold I am distracting myself with my journal – which is ok because it is part of the course but not ok because it isn’t a priority and I have eight days before presenting the case for S&A.

My to-do list is not empty but there are no priorities and I am free to study. It is that dual thing of being afraid to put something down on paper in case it is foolish and wanting to write well. I don’t yet have a hook and I am sure when the hook is provided the words will swell the pages.

I wonder what would happen if I cut all the words up and threw them up in the air would they come down in a suitable order like the clothes in Mary Poppins or the battalion of soldiers in Bedknobs & Broomsticks.

How to write an essay 1,2,3
A Jigsaw that makes itself
Sprinkles alighting on a cake
A fountain of thought synapses
All surge to the end:
syllables crush
phonetics blur
symbols clash
spelling quirk
First choose a topic and study
Two make coffee, eat toast, go for a wee
Three play a game, look out window write first word

Susan Gallagher November 1st 2022

Dear Lord and Saviour of Humankind

Forgive my distractedness

Help me focus and pull it all together