Little Christmas


Last year I held a fellowship meeting in my home, due to the weather only mountain folk attended, it was great fellowship. This year I forgot it was women’s Christmas until a neighbour asked for a lift to town. However I did have great fellowship in someone else’s home. So I think I will start a new tradition of fellowship wherever and whenever I can.

46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts. Acts2

I love to listen about the Lord and I love (now) to talk about the Lord, it doesn’t ever get old the way gossip does, it doesn’t lose its lustre. Spending time in the fellowship of other Christians is precious, more precious than most of us realise.

There are parts of the world where it is illegal to be Christian, to become Christian, to meet other Christians and lots of other religious intolerant laws. Persecution of people is wrong be it because of faith, gender, age, culture, or lifestyle choice and yet persecution is rife.

How extra special therefore for good fellowship. Only by meeting with other healthy Christians can we grow, can we encourage and be encouraged, can we be inspired.

Lord I thank you today that I can be open about you, that I can share with other Christians in fellowship and when the opportunity arises to share your love with people who don’t know you or who have drifted away.

Lord there are people in this world who long to shout your name but cannot due to human law, Lord I lift these people up to you, in Nigeria especially as new waves of persecution surface.

Lord thank you for the changes you have made in my life, thank you for your continued presence in my heart, thank you for your love, your grace and your mercy. Amen

Tardis Thinking

I have been thinking today about gifts. About how I have been given gifts that I have misused or ignored. Since becoming a new creation I have thought about the past, not in a hyper critical way as I have before but having a look see.

There are gifts I was given that I no longer have like athletic ability which I will never get back. There are gifts that were put away because of the situation I was in, like writing. There are gifts that I have fought against having my entire life that I am now putting to God’s work, like my intelligence.

There are new gifts, communicating God’s message, and singing God’s songs.

I am not going to hide under a barrel anymore because it is not for me I am using these gifts, it is for the Lord.

Lord I thank you for the gifts you have bestowed on me. I want to use them now, I want to use them for your glory. I am yours, do with me as you will.

Lord, a terrible accident occured in NewZealand today, Lord there are families in grief,I lift them up to you as they begin to come to terms with what has happened.