Prayer for the season

O Lord

In this time of advent, this time of waiting for arrival. Help us Lord avoid the clichés of this season. Help us Lord focus on you and not the myths surrounding Santa. Help us Lord show by the way we live our lives, that You are the only Way, the only Hope and the only Truth.

Lord we struggle with the balance of living in this world but not being part of it, for our young people it is especially difficult.

When people in our community are hurting, people so lonely even in the midst of Christmas cheer, people so full of bills and debt that they can’t think straight, people who seek, but in the wrong places – the bottom of a glass, a white line on a mirror. Who seek peace, mistaking oblivion for peace. Who seek love, in all the wrong ways. Who seek joy and mistake the instant gratification of momentary happiness for the deep joy that sustains us through hardship and struggle. Who seek hope in material possessions and fleeting relationships.

Lord help us reach these people living without hope in a hopeless world, help us reach them with your love and compassion, without judgement, just meeting them where they are at, as you would and do.

Lord help us be examples of how to live in faith, help us find the right words, your words to reach people.


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