i love

I love the way oil paint moves on canvas
 I love the way flowers turn to the sun
 I love the way grass smells after it has been cut - sweet smell of summer
 I love to fill pages in my journal
 I love to write bad poetry
 I love watching the second hand move on the clock
 I love to run, I wish my back did too
 I love to jump in puddles, feeling the water soak right through
 I love shuffling through leaves and sliding in snow
 i love to cook spicy mexican food with refried beans and guacamole
 I love to clean my toilet seat - not many can say that
 I love to iron freshly dried clothes and smell the sweetness of the wind
 I love watching the minute hand move on the clock
 I love to play aeroplanes with children
 I love to see my novel develop
 I love to see my snaps on line
 I love to laugh and cry at life
 I love to eat veggies straight from the tunnel
 I love to make jam and pickles and chutneys forever
 I love watching the hour hand move on the clock
 Because it means I'm alive
 Because it means
 I choose life
 Because it means
 death is beaten
 Because it means
 I am me
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