I think if I was working on the two a day that I started out thinking was achievable, I would be sitting in a pile of gooey despondency. But I am not. I am loving this experience of spending time with a preacher from many years ago. I have completed four sermons today so far, one was quite difficult because I had to look up what the jargon meant.

I was originally given the plain English version of Wesley’s studies because I couldn’t understand the language of the original. It is a common complaint. But in all honesty, it is not the language per se it is the concepts and jargon and even in plain English, they are hard to comprehend if you are learning with the head. Learning with the heart is a completely different way of studying, entering into the vortex of the heart to let the Spirit explain those ghastly terms that the world hasn’t equipped us to know.

Learning with the Spirit guiding is such a wonderful experience and I learn so much in such a short amount of time, it is not a lazy time, it is full-on busy but busy being not doing.

Jump up and rejoice in the Lord always and again we shout REJOICE