breaking through


The only time I had available today was one hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. It was a day of meetings and driving, a good day but not a day that allowed for study. The recording of one of the sermons took over eight hours because of taking a few minutes here and there to complete. It was one of the more difficult sermons because I couldn’t find Wesley’s heart in it. The first one on Salt and Light I could hear his impassioned voice, I could feel his emotion in every sentence but the one on the law fell flat after that.

Maybe he wasn’t convinced by what he wrote. Sometimes I feel my writing is a bit flat, there is no edge to it, it won’t do what I want it to. The letters line up like soldiers on the parade ground following my orders but they don’t know why they are there. There was a lack of passion in this sermon, it was more like a paper delivered in academia.

I met a young guy today who has started a course locally, it is his third in as many years, there are no jobs for his expertise in this area but he doesn’t want to leave. His passion is here. So he does a course to stay off the live register and remains ever hopeful. To be passionate and full of hope – now there is an image!

Snatching moments for study made it more pertinent. When we catch seconds of time to do something we are passionate about it is sweet. I wonder if when I ever had lots of time to study would I be less impassioned. As things stand I don’t think I will ever find out.