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I am actually on target, day twenty of twenty-two, forty-four sermons in twenty-two days. It is amazing and I give thanks to God who cleared my schedule and even when things got moved around and extra bits got thrown in and antihistamines took their toll. I can see the end in sight. I am not thinking ahead to Friday too much but I know I have loads to do on that day so I must press on tomorrow and get them finished.

My Friday schedule looks like this:
6.30 up and at 'em - go do chores in house, 
get dinner ready and spend an hour in the Lord's wonderful company
8 wake Aary
8.30 take Aary to school and shop in Castleisland, pop into J+P, travel to Farrenfore and meet up with F briefly
10am Bible study and coffee morning in KMC
12.30 pick Ross up in Tralee, wish him happy birthday, make his lunch
2-3.30 Study and panic
3.30 pick up Aary
4.30 take Ross to training
5-5.45 visit with Sheila if she is there for that beautiful peace she exudes in chaos, I be needing some of that
6 pick Ross up
6.15 feed the horde
6.30 travel to Cork for "sentencing"At some time after that a big sigh of relief or not!!!???

So Friday is really out because the time I have allotted for study also has other things in it. I mean my baby is 26, woo hoo!!! And I want to think about that and remember the good, the bad and downright ugly moments in our life together.

Thursday so is the last push to get the four done and then I can start thinking about the bigger project I have in mind for them. But tonight I must quickly do the PowerPoint and rush to practice spend an hour singing and worshipping our living God and then I think I deserve a night off and I might snooker widow or I could come home and get two done tonight. Weighing it up?

Aary needs new trainers, no idea how I am going to get them. Thankfully due to extreme generosity I had a zero expense on Saturday except 120 miles worth of diesel. Oh and more good news my nominal mortgage has gone down three whole euros. If mine has gone down that much others bills must have gone down quite a bit. I can’t believe I spend more on electric than I do on mortgage. And just as the last investigation finished so another begins. Got a letter to say I am under investigation again all I need now is the subpoena ad testificandum to arrive and all the bad stuff together.

Lord help me get my studying act together,  I still have bits to work out, help me find the right words on Friday that reflects the journey thus far, I don’t do well in interviews as you know, I threw away a perfectly good job in an interview not so long ago. I want to do well for you, cos this is all for you,

love you, daughter S.