back on track


Why am I so worried about dotting my eyes and crossing my teas? It is so unlike me, I am usually so chaotic in thought and deed and now it is like there’s a wee civil servant inside making sure all my paperwork is right.

I suppose all along this journey I have expected the “no” so wanted to have everything in order, so it wasn’t that but me that let me down. Well me didn’t or at least I don’t think it did. It’s weird yesterday unscripted I said my sermon to someone in a car, illustrations, images and the message behind each one but today I was tied to my script, linked to it by an invisible chord. I kept moving out of its sight so I could say it words that came to me but I kept being drawn back. On a positive note I engaged with the people but nerves are nerves I suppose.

My church dad was pleased, he said it was 100% better than the last time he heard me preach. I haven’t been to this church since the “all for” and haven’t seen the bible study crew since “Ruth” I missed them and what was so sweet they missed me.

So why am I worried about paperwork when I experienced the love of community tonight, four congregations came together to worship the Lord and the Lord was present and I was blessed to be in His and their presence.

And then two other ministers contacted me after to see how it went and my worldwide network of pray-ers emailed and texted to see how it went.

Do you know what – I don’t care if it on paper I didn’t pass, I feel loved, and that is freaking priceless. I have met so many beautiful people on this journey and people I didn’t expect to support me because of our different backgrounds have supported me. Putting aside differences and coming to worship the King, my beautiful princes and princesses.

And then there was the text message of support I received just before I arrived in Millstreet that nearly had me balling (again), thank you G, God loves you too, I pray you know that for yourself one day (soon)

I watched a race today, the muscles were pumping, air was being forced in and out. There is effort in this race of ours, the one when we all finish together, it is not a walk in the park ooooh but it is fun isn’t it.

So I am on the homestretch with Wesley, 14 to go. I am falling in love with him. Yesterday someone said they were dry but when you speak them they come alive you can see the sparks fly off his mouth as he spoke honestly to people from the heart, he truly wanted everyone on this planet to be saved and we need to take his baton and continue the mission of Methodism started all those years ago and more than that, the mission given to us two thousand ish years ago – — – -Go live such beautiful (good) lives that people will see Christ in us.