cellular freedom

Our cells go about their work without any intervention from us. We breathe in and out without the aid of a prompt and our heart beats and pumps blood carrying oxygen around our bodies and return deoxygenated blood to the lungs to pick up more vital oxygen and on it goes in an endless cycle.

We, however need to be in relationship with God ,we need to talk to him, we need to sing to him, we need to glorify his name. We need to breathe in his word and be ensconced in his love. We are not like the cells in our bodies, we need guidance, we need to hear teaching, we need to engage when we are preached to. Doing all this whilst not just functioning in the world but being all this in the world. We need to share the love we have found with others.

“There’s a certain freedom you have when you’re sitting on top of the world” Paul Simon

I say, there is total freedom when you have accepted the love of God, a freedom that is so wonderful and amazing that you can’t help but give your life back to God, you want to do it, to glorify his name in everything we do.