R.E.S.P.E.C.T.fully Submitted


Deep honour and bright glory to the King of All Time-One God, Immortal, Invisible, ever and always. Oh, yes! 1 Tim 1:17 (The Message)

Honour was always a tough one for me, honour means respect and I was sadly lacking respect for most things from a very early age. The first teacher that said “get down from there Susan, do you climb on your furniture at home” got a surprise when I said “yes”. Then I got a clip round the lughole for being cheeky.

It’s been, therefore a struggle to get to the point where I could respect stuff, respect people, respect me and most of all how because of all this I was falling short honouring God.

The synonyms of honour are:

account, adoration, adulation, aggrandizement, apotheosis, approbation,

attention, canonization,celebrationconfidence, consideration, credit,

deference,deification, dignity, distinction, elevation, esteem, exaltationfaith,

 fame, fealty, glorification, glorygreatness, high standing, homage, immortalization, laud,

laurel, lionization,notice, obeisance, popularity, praise, prestige,rank,

recognition, renown, reputation, repute, reverence, tribute, trust,

veneration, worship,wreath

When I look at these certain words stick out for me in relation to God, we adore and exalt him, we praise and worship him, we celebrate his victory over death, we put our trust in him, we have faith in him, and we have confidence in our glorious great God.

So in my journey I got the honour aspect of worshipping God in all the different forms we tend to do in churches. That didn’t help on a personal level, of being in relationship with him. I returned to scripture and discovered among other things there’s a huge difference between worthless and unworthy.

It was in my quest for trying to get my head around this that I realised I had skipped being a Christian 101, the basics, and had jumped right in where people expected me to be. Wow, what an eye opener and I suspect I’m not the only one around Christian circles who thought one thing about their faith only to discover they too were in the lane at bowling with bumpers.

So how do you move from wearing stabilisers to cycling on your own – there an awful lot of bruising on the way. With each bump and bruise a rough edge is smoothed. The results are palpable, unmissable, unequivocal. And there’s no turning back, not because you can’t but because you just cannot imagine wanting to.

It’s a whole new way of life. A few years back someone said to me that new Christians wear their new found status on their sleeve, that they talk about it all the time. They said it in a disgruntled way, as if this was not a good thing. Thinking about it now, I’d wear it on both arms and wherever else God wanted it because I can’t stop, and the barriers that seemed to be there when talking to non Christians aren’t there anymore. I want to jump up and down and shout and sing, honouring God all the day, I also want the times of stillness when hearing my own heart beat I spend time with him.

There are different ways of honouring God, loud noisy ways and quiet silent ways and a whole gamut of ways in between – including standing on the furniture if it’s done in his glory, to praise his name.