5th Sunday in Lent

Prayers for Others

In the midst of a valley filled with bones, amidst the stench of a tomb’s death and decay, a voice cries out in the name of life. And in holy mystery, life comes forth. These are the stories we are told. But are these the stories we will trust? Are these the stories we will live by?
We pray Lord for this whole world, for the people with no food or clean water, for those with no home, for those with no hope. Lord may words flow to them of your hope, love and grace.

We pray Lord for governing bodies, governments, countries. We pray for an end to war and that peace might reign. Your peace, in the hearts of everyone. We pray for those who have to make decisions about Covid-19.
We pray for this island north and south east and west that we come under your rule and reign. We pray for each household and those without hold on houses that Covid-19 does not strike

We pray for this city, for the people of xxx to hear your good news not just in our words but in our actions as we help our neighbour as you taught us to do.

Lord we ask for a blessing of your breath in our lives, that the Holy Spirit will allow changed lives to be seen by all and more lives are changed as a result. We pray for all who are grieving, sick, for us all unable to come to church, we pray for our dear brothers and sisters who used to worship but who are unwilling or who are backsliding.

Lord we pray that we step up and step into new roles in this season - put us to what you will. 

 Lord we love you and we pray to you this day in the name of your Son Jesus Christ who laid aside his majesty to enter into humanity. In his name we pray. Amen.