he said

he said it is now or never
he said it's no time to be clever
he said he was leaving if
she would not make him ...

he suggested they walk by the river
write their initials like forever
he held her like an opening riff
he said it's not like it's c-diff

she said no what would her mother think
her cheeks flamed cottage rose pink
she said what if? what if? you know ... it happen
and all I've done is listen to you rappin'

he said babe there's plenty want a piece of this 
I am offering it you, an hour or so of bliss
he said they'd share a bond not a tiff
if only, if only, she'd make him ...

she caved, he knew she would
girls he knew, he understood
how to get under their skin
charm them, winsome smile to break-in

he left, of course y'all knew 
he moved on to another's debut
the master manipulator unloaded
as world turned on its axis with COVID.