glory days

The noise, I hate the noise in subway trains, I hate the squealing of rusty brakes on rusty tracks. Since glasnost, there are no workers to grease the tracks.

I hate the noise of youth, no longer in the groups of my youth, now tribes determined by drug use, music preferences and orientation, not forgetting wealth.

I hate the noise of wealth most, when we were all communists, we all had the same.

Yes, some of us had more same than the others, but we all had important jobs to do. My job, I was in charge of an internment camp on the outskirts of Moscow, to the east, in a forest near the town of Balashikha. I lived there, in Balashikha with my wife. She was in charge of a factory there. We had more floor space than our neighbours because of our jobs.

And yet here I am in the middle of Moscow, freezing because the heating doesn’t work and when it does work it leaks, and everyone has pets now and the noise of them is incredible. I’d kill the lot, like in the old days, a prisoner who couldn’t be kowtowed, we just dropped them off the roof, job done.

There is too much softness now, too much America, too much noise. At my camp, in the forest, it was peaceful, there was no noise, there was no ….. life.