the assault on my senses;
wake up wasabi
cringe    pickled ginger
so salty soy sauce
crunch    cucumber
slime     seaweed
stickiness of rice
smoothness of fish
that is sushi
the assault on my body;
tense   hearing him
furtive footsteps
look up      late
huge hairy hands
pull into bushes
ripping    clothes
grabbing    parts
that is rape
the assault on my mind;
covertly crying
gathering rags
running     home
calling out   “nothing wrong”
running    bath
“just need time    alone”
this is cover-up
the assault on my life;
I allowed sushi in
like a man it took over my senses
I can no longer taste
semolina or porridge
I allowed that man power
like sushi, he took over
I no longer abide with them
and abhor all men
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