remembering the moonbows of my life



I didn’t know there was a thing called a moonbow or whitebow. I saw one, not knowing what it was in the physical sense but I knew what it meant spiritually. It could have been a shooting star, or brighter than normal star or any other night time manifestation.

But it wasn’t. It was something that I could have missed, I could have driven past, I could have dismissed, I could have done many things but I stopped and saw and basked in His love.

Let me explain a little.

It was my second day of paid work that week. The previous day I had driven four miles before realising I had my reading glasses on, I had put it down to lack of sleep for the first few miles as everything was a little bit blurred and foggy. The reason for the sleeplessness, an ongoing doubt in my abilities to make the next leg move into a full step.

So this particular morning, it was seven o’clock. It was dark with the moon setting slowly. I was again in conversation with God. I mean I understand that he has a call on my life but it scares me and I doubt, not him. I truly believe he has in many different ways put this call on me, but it is in my response I have difficulties. I look at the people living out this call and I don’t feel that I can do that.

So I drove down my lane, turned left and after the first bend the left side of the sky had something weird in it. I immediately touched the edge of my glasses frame to check I had on the right glasses. Next I washed the windscreen. I looked right and saw the moon, huge and clear like the moon in ‘Bruce Almighty’ but on the left was all at the time I could describe as a night rainbow. I stopped the van got out and just marvelled.

I immediately decided not to photograph it. It was for that moment. I didn’t know what it was and how rare. I also didn’t know that the moon that night was the smallest full moon since November 18th 1994. So what I have is the memory of a beautiful God moment, not the first and not the last but as today progresses one of the many images flitting into my mind.

As this left leg moves in slow motion to plant itself on the ground to make a step, to test this call and test it against what the church needs I have a “viewmaster” collection. All I am doing today is responding to the call and beginning the testing period, and if I am unsuccessful (if that’s the right phrase) I pray that more doors will open for the next quirky, INTP, God loving, with a massively bad past but who is now dead to all of that and I live for the Lord, he lives in me.

I feel like dancing suddenly…

I think I will…

After all if there’s no dancing, it ain’t my revolution

Praising my Saviour in song, word, life and deed all my days long.