walking involves taking a step

In 2013 the chimney got blocked

from some time ago

For the first time in weeks I walked for my health, not to get from the van to the door out of the rain, not from one shop to another but proper trainers on, face forward walking. I didn’t go far, three miles around the Black Road through Tullig and back to the school, but I did it.

It was tough, another sleepless night last night, my legs felt like lead, my head was pounding from the lump, my breathing still not right so it was not  pleasant experience until…

I crossed the wee bridge for the River Shanowen and the urge started. I managed about a hundred metres to the turnoff, that takes you away from Ballynahillia and over onto the main Cordal road.

One hundred metres where I forgot about the head, the legs, the lungs and just ran, not fast, but running nevertheless and I wasn’t out of breath and my legs didn’t hurt.

But as always “you reap what you sow” or some such appropriate phrase. I now suffer with the pain, very real muscular “OW!” I had been thinking about running for over a week and I guess I have my answer, it’s still no.

By calling this pain real, I don’t mean the others don’t exist but I don’t know how they started. I don’t know why I have a lump at the base of my skull. The breathing is from the smoke inhalation of the not-fire, time will heal that. My legs that have been as weak as water for about three weeks now, I guess more walking will help them.

I am a study couch potato, I need to walk more. I pray that when this little amount of busyness finishes I will find the time to walk each day. In every aspect of my life I need to keep walking, to keep going forward. I am reminded of Wesley saying you can’t be going in both directions (paraphrase.)

Walking in faith and victory, cause the Lord your God is with you.