Defrost Time


There was a time in my life …

When I sat in church, stony faced. Don’t look at me. Don’t speak. And don’t give a sermon that costs. I was frosty. 

Don’t preach that good news that isn’t for like of me. Don’t tell me I am saved. For I know the truth. 

I know there is no eternal life for me. There is just judgement and finger poking & pointing. I was frozen in self judgement. 

But then …

God broke through. God pulled down my walls and allowed the mushy mess out. Allowed the mess that is me breathe once more. I began to defrost. 

God’s breath did not exist for me until I breathed it in. And then. Well then everything changed. Not all at once …

Some of the things, I know now, some were left with me because the Holy Spirit knew I needed them awhile longer. 

There was a moment in my life when I was called into the family of God. I was called into relationship. I was called into reconciliation. 

And my life now …

Even as I wrote those last four words I smile. I grin because it is finished. Jesus paid the cost. He redeemed me and I will never be the same again

Sometimes people still point the finger and I smile at them. Because I know I have eternal life. 

Dear Lord, thank you for helping me out of the sinful life I led into this joy full life. Amen

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  1. Thankyou for your honesty . People will always judge bug knowing yoh ard loved and accepted by God is all that matters.


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